Airetrol Air Driven Rolling Motors
Airetool rolling motors control expansion by the accurate measurement of torque. They
automatically stop expanding according to a predetermined setting. Torque control
prevents over- and under-expansion of tubes, assures uniformly tightened tube
joints, and provides maximum holding strength for individual tubes. All Airetrols include
torque sensing cams designed and manufactured specifically for tube expanding
Hand-Held Torque Controlled Rolling Motors
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Strong, Lightweight aluminum housings for
easier handling and less operator fatigue

Rugged drive combines precision control and
measures torque output

Simple "dial-a-torque" adjustment collar for
easy setup

Cushioned shut-off reduces torque reaction

Quick change chucks to improve productivity

Multiple units can be set quickly using the
P-15 Torque Analyzer
We offer a wide variety of Tube Expanders.
The rolling pins and mandrels are replaceable.