Bob was born in Teaneck,  NJ  in 1943. His mother, Ellen
Swanson,  sang professionally at the Radio City Music Hall
till she decided to devote her full time to raising her

      Bob graduated from Bates College with B.S. in Chemistry
in 1965. He enlisted in the US Coast Guard Reserves as a
sonarman with 1 year in active duty and 5 years reserves.

      Through out his young adulthood and during summer
college breaks he learned all the grunt work of the
business. Upon finishing his active duty in 1966, his Dad
retired and he took over running operations as Vice
President in the Fall of 1966. He and his sister Linda Pietsch
(Nee Armstrong) bought out their father and Bob assumed
the roll as President.

      In 1981 he saw the industry changing. He finalized all the
improvement to the
TUBE PULLER and applied for and
received a patent 4369569. He also saw the need for a safer,
quicker and controlled manner of completely removing the
tube from the shell lead to the development of the
and applied for and received a patent 5167058.