Even though his son Robert S. studied as a graphic artist.
He was pulled into the business by his father. With the on set
of WW2, he and his father opened a shop in Ridgefield, NJ
and started manufacturing the tooling used to maintain our
Navel fleet.

 In 1947 Robert S.  was  granted a Patent US2446734 A for a
revolutionary new "Internal Tube Cutter Design".  The Drive
used to power these has changed through out the years but,
the basic design is still the same and the fact it is still used
today 70 years later must say he got it right.  

In 50's he needed to get a larger manufacturing shop and
built new facilty and home in Wall, NJ. While he put his mind to
improving the Tube Puller.  He separated the pneumatic tank
from the pulling head using hydraulics. As you can see by the
photo the 2nd gen was still a beast to handle.
That was him in the A&S overalls about 1948.
1950 Trade exhibit in New York City.
Original prototype developed in 1945.
He built his own Hydroplanes.