was born in Kilmarnock,
Scotland, August 2, 1885,
son of Robert William and
Mary (Bunyan) Armstrong.   
He’s the one on the far right.
In 1907, after
completing his
education at the
schools of his native
place,   he immigrated
to the United States
and the following year
became associated
with the   New York
Edison Co. as a floor
engineer.  He was
appointed first
at the
companies Hell Gate
plant in 1921 when it
was built. Also Hell
Gate held the status of
world’s most
operated power
Superpower was a buzzword of the day, describing systems that supplied a large region
rather than just a city. A second station, Hell Gate, located in the Bronx opened in
November 1921 and brought United full status as a superpower system as it supplied
power to affiliated companies in the Bronx, Queens, and Westchester. In 1936 Robert
was promoted to chief engineer and retired in 1942.
United Superpower (precursor to CON ED)
In 1939 the US Navy granted Armstrong a contract for several tube pullers and tube
cutters, at which time he began in a small way the manufacturing of these devices at his
residence in Ridgefield, NJ.   In 1941 he and his son erected a modern factory in
Ridgefield, NJ to serve as a center for manufacturing and service to engage in steam
condenser repair work as well as work toward the completion of various subsequent US
navy contracts.  The firm, a proprietorship, conducted its business under the name of
Armstrong and Sons and manufactured tube pullers and cutters which, during the Second
World War were considered an essential industry, were sold exclusively to the US

He was a member of the Masonic order and the Edison Square Club, NYC. His religious
affiliation was with the Presbyterian Church.  Politically he was a Republican.  He
became a naturalized citizen in 1913.  He found his chief recreation in music, playing
both the flute and the piccolo.  He was married in Union Hill, NJ August 20, 1909 to
Christian Garner, Daughter of James Stewart, of Aberdeen. Scotland, a linotype
compositor and had three children: Mary, who married John Hechler, Robert Stewart
b1913 and James Stewart Armstrong. His death occurred at his home in Manasquan, NJ
May 28, 1946.