Type AA 1 (1000 RPM)  & 2 (550 RPM) & 3 (375 RPM) Souix 1400 1hp Series Drive  
Shown without Adaptor
Type AA 4 (160 RPM)  Cleco 15dp 1hp Series Drive  
Shown without Adaptor
Type AA 1E (1000 RPM) or 2E  (500 RPM)  Milwaulkee D-Handle Drive  
Shown without Adaptor
Sioux Drive
PATENTS US1883453 A, US2446734 A

First Patented in 1931, then a major revision in 1946.
The first step in removing thin or leaking tubes from condensers is to cut the
tube at one end of the condenser, separating the two rolled ends. Also is used
to trim excess tube from the tube sheet face.

Armstrong offers a variety of Pneumatic & Electric tube cutting machines, each
designed to meet your specific needs.

Cutting adapters are available in sizes from 5/8"-14 BWG through 1"- 24 BWG.
2" nominal depth of cut.

Special larger and deeper sizes available upon request.
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Michael LaCour demonstrating trimming
tubes to length.
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   Anchorlube G-771, an all-purpose,
hand-applied metalworking lubricant that works
on all metals and is specifically formulated for
hard metals and tough jobs. It also contains no
oil and is environmentally safe.

We Supply in 1 GAL. containers.

Click on the link to the MSDS